15 Jul
Tim finds new outlook on life after weight loss success

Tim finds new outlook on life after weight loss success

Workpower customer Tim embarked on a weight loss journey that has led to a new outlook on life. With encouragement from his support team, Tim embarked on an extensive healthy eating plan and exercise routine which helped him lose more than 60kgs. As a result, he’s transformed his life and has new opportunities to pursue his goals. 

A new weight loss goal 

Back in 2019 Tim’s weight negatively impacted every aspect of his life. His doctor offered a solution in weight loss surgery, but Tim did not want to go ahead with the procedure.  

After discussing this with his Support Coach Natalie, they considered different options. With Workpower’s encouragement, Tim decided to reduce his weight through changes in his diet and exercise instead.

To achieve this Tim focused on building healthier daily living skills. He started a healthy meal plan which included eating balanced meals, reducing his portions, and cutting out junk food. He learned to prepare and cook simple meals in advance. As part of this Tim completed the Foodbank Food Sensations course which has helped him make smart food choices.  

In addition he began a regular exercise routine. Tim does two days at the gym and walks with his dad four times a week. Natalie encourages Tim to keep exercising and stick to his meal plan. They attend the gym together each Friday where she pushes him to stay focused and challenge himself. 

Her support and the support of the rest of the Workpower team has helped Tim lose more than 60 kgs and keep it off. This change has helped him build confidence and adopt a new outlook on life. 

New outlook towards employment

Having dropped the weight, Tim is now able to pursue further opportunities towards achieving his goals. 

In addition to working at Packaging & Warehousing Bibra Lake, he’s taken on a new position at the City of Cockburn Henderson Waste Facility one day a fortnight. Prior to his weight loss Tim found it hard to complete tasks that required speed and physical strength. Now he’s able to do these tasks and it’s boosted his confidence and independence. 

“Working at Henderson is a physical job and can be hard sometimes,” says Tim.  

“But now that I’m stronger I can do the job.”  

Another of Tim’s goals is to engage more with the community. He plans to attend a bowling club every Monday. This is an activity he enjoys and found it harder to participate in previously.  

“He’s achieved so much now after his weight loss journey,” says Support Coach Natalie.  

“He’s got a whole new, ‘I can do it’ attitude in life.”  

With Workpower’s support, Tim has transformed his lifestyle and opened new doors to opportunities. Our team will support Tim as he continues to work towards his NDIS goals of community participation and employment.  

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