17 Jan
Time to rethink disability employment

Time to rethink disability employment

With the Royal Commission transforming the disability sector, the state of disability employment is under the spotlight. To address this gap the NDIA released the Participant Employment Strategy. This sets new employment goals for the next three years. 

However there are still significant barriers for people with disability entering the workplace. Here are some discerning facts

  • Only 53% of people with disability from ages 15 – 64 are employed, compared to 83% of people without disability 
  • Out of 2.1 million working age Australians with disability only half are employed 
  • It take a graduate with disability 61.5% longer to find work than other graduates 

Outdated stereotypes play a major role in these findings. Some believe that people with disability are expensive and unsuited for skilled work. This stigma prevails despite 1 in 5 Australians living with disability. Together they make a multi-skilled, flexible workforce. 

It’s time to put these myths to bed once and for all. 

“It’s too expensive.” 

Often workplace modifications are small and cheap compared to the valuable, loyal employee you get in return.  

Furthermore, they increase profits by fulfilling tasks that hinder you from focusing on your business goals. Through Customised Employment we’ve worked with businesses to identify and fill gaps with the right employee. 

“They lack skills to do the work.” 

Over four million Australians with disability possess a range of skills and abilities. Many are graduates, and are highly skilled and qualified. To discriminate against them would be a significant opportunity loss for your business. 

“They won’t fit in the workplace.” 

The answer lies in giving staff the right training and promoting an inclusive work culture. If you provide the resources and support then change will happen. Your workplace and staff will benefit long-term. 

Invest in the future 

Cultivating an inclusive workforce is a no-brainer. People expect businesses and organisations to be socially responsible and lead by example. Invest in diversity and you invest in the greater community and the future. 

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