29 Sep
Understanding the new NDIS Service Charter

Understanding the new NDIS Service Charter

At the start of this month the NDIS announced a number of changes to the way their services would be delivered in the future. 

Following recommendations from an independent report, they shared their plan on how they will improve the NDIS experience.  

This includes outlining their commitment towards supporting people with disability and what people should expect from them. Here’s what’s new and what it means for participants and families. 

Participant Service Charter 

This is a document that sets out what you can expect from the NDIA, and how and when you will receive it. The charter includes some principles for how the NDIA will interact with you. They are: 

  • Transparent: make it easier to access and understand information 
  • Responsive: respond to each person’s needs and situation 
  • Respectful: recognise your individual situation and acknowledge that you make the decisions for your life 
  • Empowering: provide processes and information so you can take ownership and control of your life 
  • Connected: ensure access to the services you need 

If you’re not happy with your experience with the NDIS, you can leave feedback online, via email, or by calling 1800 800 110. The NDIS will keep you informed about the progress and aim to resolve complaints within 21 days. 

Participant Service Guarantee 

As part of the charter, the NDIS have outlined specific times for when you will receive or hear back from them. These commitments include: 

  • Responding to a submitted access request – 21 days 
  • Making a final decision after all access details are received – 14 days 
  • Begin plan preparation process after access approval – 21 days 

These timelines aim to reduce delays in decision-making and lack of information from the NDIS. 

The specific list can be downloaded here. 

Improvement Plan 

Lastly, the NDIS have listed the changes they will introduce over the next two years. One of the major changes includes using independent assessments to understand the participant’s needs. This will make the process quicker, more consistent, and fairer. 

Other changes include: 

  • Clearer information and access to forms online 
  • Providing easy to understand explanations for decisions made 
  • Quicker process for making small changes to your plan 
  • Flexible options for longer plan periods 
  • Making self plan management simpler 

See below a video explaining the new Participant Charter and Guarantee. 

Got questions about upcoming changes or how to manage your NDIS supports? Contact our team today at 1800 610 665 or on email for more information. 

Check out more information on our NDIS page.