06 Jan
Understanding WA’s new Disability Strategy: pt 1

Understanding WA’s new Disability Strategy: pt 1

In early December the WA Government announced the A Western Australia for Everyone: State Disability Strategy 2020-2030.  

This maps out the Government’s approach to building a more inclusive society for the 411,500 people with disability and their families and carers. This will work alongside the NDIS and Carer Gateway to enable people with disability to be engaged, empowered, and belong to the community they live in. 

The four focus areas of this strategy are: 

  • Participation and inclusion 
  • Inclusive communities 
  • Living well 
  • Rights and equity 

We’ll discuss the first two points in detail in this article. 

Participation and inclusion 

Everyone deserves the right to actively participate and engage in school, at work, and in the community. To create an inclusive community for people with disability to participate in, the State Government will focus on: 

  • Greater access and inclusion to education and training at all life stages 
  • Developing inclusive workplaces and more employment opportunities 
  • Recognising people with disability as valued members, contributors, and leaders in the community 
  • More opportunities for participation and inclusion for people with high or complex needs 

Under this Strategy, schools and training centres will develop accessible pathways to education and work.  

In employment, they will encourage all employers to prioritise equal opportunity. This means work with employment service providers like us to match people with disability to roles that suit them, and develop better pathways for recruitment and career growth. 

Inclusive communities 

Inclusion is when everyone has access to services and products they need and the opportunity to contribute and engage with the community. This focuses on: 

  • Universal access and inclusion planning 
  • Improving Infrastructure and transport 
  • More opportunities in sport and recreation 
  • Changing community attitudes 
  • Improving technology 

This Strategy involves looking at existing built areas, transport systems, and technology with a goal of making it more accessible for all. This also includes developing a model for inclusion planning for the future. 

The WA Government will support community groups and organisations to initiate more opportunities for people with disability to engage. They will focus on boosting awareness and understanding in the community. 

See the full report for more details. 

If you have any questions about the Government’s new Strategy you can email or call (08) 6217 6888. For more about Workpower, contact us on 1800 610 665 or by email.