27 Jan
Understanding WA’s new Disability Strategy: pt 2

Understanding WA’s new Disability Strategy: pt 2

In our previous article we covered the State Disability Strategy 2020-2030 and what changes they will be making over the next ten years. Here’s what else they will be focusing on. 

Living well 

It’s important that everyone has access to safe housing and the services and supports they need to live well. To achieve this, the State Government will look at: 

  • Ensuring safe and suitable housing 
  • Quality disability services and supports 
  • Health and mental health services 
  • The disability services workforce 

Strategies include collaborating with mainstream health services to deliver the right services for people with disability, and ensuring quality housing options and NDIS supports are available across metro and regional WA. 

Rights and equity 

Everyone has the same right to say what they want, be treated fairly by the law, and be safe from violence, neglect, discrimination, and abuse.  

The WA Government have identified issues and will focus on making improvements in these areas: 

  • Justice 
  • Advocacy 
  • Legislation and safety 
  • Information 

Current support services and rehabilitation will be improved for people with disability going through the justice system. In addition, they will introduce new laws and policies to ensure individuals and organisations respect the rights of people with disability. 

Information will be made available in various ways to enable people with disability and their families to make the right choices for themselves. 

The Government will release an Action Plan which details how these changes will be achieved. To find out more take a look at the detailed resource. 

For any questions you can contact the Department of Communities on email or at (08) 6217 6888. You can contact Workpower on email or by calling 1800 610 665.