09 Sep
Update on Amanda’s singing progress

Update on Amanda’s singing progress

Amanda (left) performing a rap at last years’ sellout show Once Upon A Time.

Nine weeks have flown by since Amanda started one-on-one singing workshops with our Performing Arts Facilitator Sonni Byrne – and she’s made wonderful progress so far! We share more about what she’s been learning.  

The challenge ahead 

In June this year Amanda scored a Nexus Art Grant towards developing her singing skills. This provides her with a tailored mentorship with an experienced theatre professional. Amanda will then showcase her progress with a solo at our upcoming performance. 

For her debut she’s chosen an epic, pop hit number from her favourite artist. We can’t reveal the song just yet, but what we can say is that the singer is one of the most talented female artists of our time. This means mastering her song will be no easy task! 

But this doesn’t concern Amanda; she’s up for the challenge. Together with Sonni she’s working hard to build her skills towards putting on an unforgettable performance.  

Finding her voice  

Initial workshops focused on mapping Amanda’s current skills and identifying areas to improve. Every session they start with a series of exercises and scales to stretch her vocal range and warm up her voice. 

Over the weeks Amanda worked hard to:  

  • Improve her pitch 
  • Learn music terminology 
  • Develop singing and breathing techniques 

As a clear indicator of how hard she’s working, Amanda often complains that her stomach aches after practice. This means she’s using the right muscles to strengthen her voice. 

In addition to this, she’s learning to make the song her own. This involves breaking it down into manageable parts and adding her own interpretation and flair. It’s not easy to pull off a solo performance in front of a large crowd. But through her practice with Sonni she’s building the confidence to own the stage! 

So far she’s really enjoying the workshops and can see the great progress she’s made. Every week her voice grows stronger and stronger and with more practice she’s sure to own the stage come showtime!  

Amanda and the rest of the performers can’t wait until November to showcase what they’ve been working on. The wait is almost over – tickets will be available in a couple of days!  

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