12 Aug
Valuable work experiences found through CEP

Valuable work experiences found through CEP

We hear from our jobseekers who completed our last Customised Employment Program (CEP) and their fantastic placements in the community! 

Helping others 

Our team created a volunteer group with People Who Care to complete some gardening tasks for a local elderly resident. This organisation helps people in the community with supports and services, and gathers volunteers who want to get involved and gain experience. 

Kai, Beau, Liam, and Kohan attended a safety instruction meeting before they got stuck into clearing weeds from the backyard. Both Liam and Kai found the work rewarding and plan to continue the work experience through Customised Employment.  

It’s great to see them get involved with supporting the community and find new opportunities to develop skills simultaneously. 

Working in retail 

On their work experience day, Izaak and Brianna helped the staff out at the local PETstock store. They restocked shelves and built hutches and bird cages for display. The pair and their support workers had a great time learning about retail work, and Brianna plans to continue working there once a week. 

Kimi completed work experience at Best and Less and fit in with the team straight away. The store manager felt she did an excellent job, and even recommended that she apply for a paid position that would be available in the coming months.  

This is a terrific result for Kimi, as Best and Less was one of the top workplaces she was after. Together with her mum and support worker, she’s thinking about continuing work experience there to build her skillset. 

These work placements are key to assisting jobseekers build employment skills, make connections, and work towards their future careers. 

Terrific work everyone! We wish you the best of luck as you gain valuable employment experience in the local community. 


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