27 Jul
Volunteer role at Peel Zoo brings Brianna’s goals to life

Volunteer role at Peel Zoo brings Brianna’s goals to life

Brianna is one of more than 1,000 people with disability, working towards achieving her goals of having a job and living independently, with help of Workpower. Goals that her volunteer role at Ranger Red’s Zoo & Conservation Park is helping her to achieve. 

Living with her host family and their two dogs, Pepper and Molly, Brianna found a love for animals. It’s this passion that our Workpower team has been able to tap into, to find a volunteer opportunity at Ranger Red’s Zoo.  

For the past year Brianna has been volunteering at the boutique Zoo and is charged with several jobs. This includes feeding animals and cobwebbing the ferret enclosure. Each day the first, and one of her favourite, activities is to do the rounds checking on the animals. 

“We walk around and say hello to all the animals,” said Brianna. 

“My favourite animals are Natalie the Wombat and Comet, Star and Eclipse, which are flying foxes.” 

Achieving goals

With the assistance of her support coaches, Beth, Nikki and Edith, Brianna receives a wrap-around service from Workpower. This helps her to develop her daily life skills, engage with the community and gain employment experience. 

“I do a lot of things with Workpower, like swimming, volunteering, movies, and meeting friends.” 

But acting as a volunteer is just a stepping stone for Brianna. She is working towards her goal of earning enough money to be able to live on her own. 

“I need some money, I want to live independently and get my own French Bulldog and his name is going to be Mickey,” said Brianna. 

Workpower is assisting Brianna with achieving those goals. She is learning work-ready skills on the job as part of her volunteering with the Ranger Red’s Zoo, along with working to fold clothes at the Salvation Army

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