23 May
WA to join the container deposit scheme

WA to join the container deposit scheme

Sustainable changes are underway as WA gets onboard with the container deposit scheme (CDS)! 

The Waste Avoidance and Resource Recovery Bill was passed in mid-March, and the container deposit scheme is set to start early 2020. It will align with other similar schemes already operating in the rest of Australia. 

What’s the container deposit scheme? 

People will receive a 10 cent refund on beverage containers when dropped off at refund points. Eligible containers include glass and plastic bottles, paper cartons, and aluminum cans from 150mL to 3L capacity. This includes items like soft drink bottles and cans, alcoholic bottles, and bottled water. 

You can pick up any of these containers for collection, including cleaning up your local park or community area. 

What will happen? 

The scheme is expected to significantly reduce WA waste and improve recycling. It’s predicted that by 2037 there will be: 

  • 706 million fewer containers being littered 
  • 5,902 million fewer going to landfill 

In addition, it’s expected that recycling of all recyclable materials will rise as well. It’s a good way to get children involved in building sustainable habits for the future. 

What now? 

Although the scheme won’t start until 2020, it doesn’t hurt to start collecting now. Eligible containers should be kept: 

  • Rinsed or washed 
  • Not broken or crushed 
  • Sorted into material type eg. plastic or glass 
  • Lids removed 

For other glass, plastic, and steel items you can recycle them free at the Balcatta Recycling Shop.  

We’re super excited about this news, and will keep you updated on further developments as they come!

You can recycle and donate your plastics, glass, paper, steel, and household goods in one go at the BRS. Contact us at (08) 9445 6590 or through email.