14 Jun
WA’s weed control specialists

WA’s weed control specialists

Over the years our green team has taken on plenty of challenging projects in harsh conditions. Here’s some of the tougher weed projects we’ve conquered!

Typha vegetation

From March to May 2017, the Property team removed large amounts of Typha vegetation from the Richmond Lake Reserve. This area is home to a population of rare and endangered thrombolites, some which are up to 3,500 million years old! To safeguard their dwindling population, special care must be taken to restrict herbicide use and ensure the area is meticulously managed and kept weed free.

Therefore the Typha surrounding the reserve posed a large threat, and our team successfully cut the vegetation just below water line and safely disposed the debris.

It wasn’t an easy task working in hot, humid weather among wild snakes, but they completed the job and gained valuable experience working in different environments.

Cotton Bush weed

Another common weed found in south-west WA is cotton bush, a toxic plant that spreads quickly through seeds released in the wind. It’s critical to remove these weeds before the seeds are grown.

Over the summer months, Property Services identified and removed weeds as part of a management contract with the City of Rockingham. The team are working with the City to implement a strict post-treatment plan to ensure the area stays weed-free in the long term.

Brazilian peppercorn trees

One of the greatest challenges for our green team was the task of removing Brazilian peppercorn trees for the Bouvard Coastal Care Group (BCCG). From March to June 2018 both Environmental and Property Services worked together to clear the infected areas of Tim’s Thicket, Mandurah. Additionally, the Property team removed weeds from the Lewington and Woodleigh Reserves in the City of Rockingham.

These trees devastate coastal areas and are difficult to remove due to their size, location, and dense formation. And as the team began work they discovered that the infestation was much larger than anticipated. But despite these challenges, they successfully removed all traces of Brazilian peppercorn trees within the time frame. A big well done to the team on such a challenging endeavor!

In addition to weed removal, our green specialists also manage a range of rehabilitation projects, like treating Phytophthora dieback.

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