01 Mar
Ways to earn with Containers for Change

Ways to earn with Containers for Change

Collecting containers for Containers for Change is a terrific way to get the whole family, office, or club involved.  

WA’s newest recycling scheme can work for everyone: 

  • Kids can earn their pocket money by collecting 
  • Students and sports teams can fundraise for school supplies and equipment 
  • Office teams can earn funds towards a team lunch 
  • Small businesses and organisations can subside their costs with bulk deposits 

Containers for Change solutions 

There are many ways to collect and earn. And you don’t need to consume many eligible beverages in order to receive the benefit. Here’s how we can help you start earning. 

Drop by our refund point 

We’ve partnered with Return It to operate two refund locations in Welshpool and Malaga. Simply bring your containers in a bag, box, or your car and we’ll count and dispense your refund on the spot. 

You can also visit other refund point locations. 

Express bag drop 

Short on time? We’ll give you a designated Workpower bag to hold your containers. When this is full drop it off with us and we’ll count and issue your refund straight to your nominated bank account.  

You’ll get your bag back so that you can continue collecting. 

Dedicated collection bin 

For those who want to collect bottles at a set location over a period of time, we can provide a convenient collection bin for this purpose.  

When your bins are full simply call or text the number on the side of the bin and we’ll collect for you. Once counting is done you’ll receive your funds electronically. 

All-in-one collection 

For a simple no-fuss solution, we can offer a full delivery and pick up service to suit your needs. Available for high volume collections only. 

Time to earn

If you have any questions about what containers are eligible and how you can get involved in fundraising then head to our page. You can also send your questions straight to our email at containers@workpower.asn.au.