06 Sep
We’re ready to light up Badlands stage

We’re ready to light up Badlands stage

Photo courtesy of Music Rocks Australia.

Springtime is here and with the change of seasons comes the next rockstar performance you’ve all been waiting for!  

The Workpower band is back to serenade the crowd with a repertoire of rock anthems and popular hits at the upcoming Music Rocks concert. Here are the details you need to know: 

Music Rocks at Badlands Bar 

Date: Sunday 22nd September 2019 

Time: Session 4: entry 9.45am, 10.00am start 

Location: Badlands Bar, 1/3 Aberdeen St, Perth 

Tickets: Available online for $21.45 adults, $16.35 children or at the door 

Each musician will receive a complimentary ticket that they can give to family or friends. To redeem this, a nomination form will be distributed during workshops and needs to be completed and returned to class. 

Here’s a sneak peek of what to expect on the day: 

The rockstar experience 

As the third concert for our Music Rocks program this year, this years’ band members are well on their way to becoming seasoned performers!  

In collaboration with Music Rocks Australia, this specialised program provides people with disability the opportunity to master a wide range of musical instruments. This includes: 

  • Bass and guitar 
  • Drums, keyboards, and percussion 
  • Voice recording equipment 
  • latest sound mixers and DJ turntables 

In addition to trying out the latest gear, the group practice in a professional music studio in Morley. Each week they hone their techniques with the help of Music Rocks professionals and our support team.  

You can choose to focus on a single instrument or skill like Sean did, or learn a variety of instruments. Either way, each performer gets to build their skills, be creative, and express themselves through music. 

However, the full experience would be incomplete without a performance. That’s what you can expect on Sunday 22nd as our band perform on a live music stage in front of adoring fans. If you want to see them light up the stage then make sure to grab your tickets today! 

For more details about our range of support programs, get in touch with us on 1800 610 665 or on email today.