28 Jan
What a year for 1905 Catering!

What a year for 1905 Catering!

Word is spreading about our Catering team, and as a result they were busy all year round with lots of new orders! 2018 was our biggest year to date, and we’ve got plenty more planned for the future.

Ramping it up for the holiday season

There’s always plenty of events, seminars, and training sessions to cater for throughout the year. But in the last few months, we’ve received plenty of additional orders for sundowners, end-of-year functions, and Christmas parties.

We’re delighted to receive orders from new customers too. It certainly kept us busy!

These extra events are a real treat for the team. It gives them a chance to try something different, build their culinary skills, and meet new people. Here’s just some of the standout events from 2018 we catered for:

WADE Celebration and Expo

This event was hosted by Workpower as one of the Western Australian Disability Enterprises. We saw over 200 notable guests from across state and local government and the private sector.

Outstanding social procurement champions received trophies for their ongoing commitment. The ceremony also celebrated the achievement of over 1,500 new jobs for people with disability.

Our team provided morning tea and a variety of platters for the occasion. Meanwhile our employees from other divisions helped greet guests and serve food with a smile.

Melbourne Cup

Cup fever seems to grow each year, and we received a lot more catering orders from different customers for this annual event.

Our customers included our regulars like Anglicare and DSC, along with newer ones like the City of Vincent, Lycopodium, Peet Ltd, and Patersons Securities.

Engagement Forum WA 2018

The annual Engagement Forum WA held at Edith Cowan University, Mt Lawley was our largest event of the year.

Hosted by the Chamber of Commerce, Department of Education, and Youth Futures WA, it provides valuable resources to schools and youth support groups for engaging with at-risk youths.

We’re more than happy to cater to these special events and do our part to support these organisations. Thank you everyone for choosing to make a difference with us. We look forward to an even bigger 2019!

Stay tuned for the release of our new menu featuring lots of new flavours and more dietary options!

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