30 Mar
What supports are available for me?

What supports are available for me?

As a certified National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) and Disability Services Commission (DSC) provider, we are able to provide supports for people of all needs and abilities. But with such a great range, it can be hard knowing where to start. So today, we’ve broken down what different options are available to help you find the right fit for you.

Individualised Services

If you need support with daily activities or working towards a goal, then we can help. Whether it’s regular or one-off supports, we’ve got a qualified and supportive team of Community Support Officers ready to step in. This service is great for providing one-on-one guidance and encouragement.

With individualised supports, our participants have grown more independent and confident, and can focus on setting and achieving long-term goals. We’ve helped many participants like Clinton, who took initiative in his local archery club, or Jade in getting her driving learner’s permit!

Community Supports

We offer long-term supports for long-term benefits. Our supports can help you get out into the community, play an active role in clubs, meet new people, explore art and cultural experiences, and volunteer. Over the years we’ve helped many work towards their individual goals, challenge themselves, and achieve things they never expected to achieve!

We’ve supported our participants to:

School Holiday Programs

Our exciting and engaging holiday program gets children from 7 to 17 excited for the break! For each two week break, we provide scheduled activities and outings that cater to the participants’ abilities. From our last program, participants visited Cohunu Koala Wildlife Park, try out the Simulation Centre, and had a day out at Aqua Jetty.

We also offer specific activities for those with motor and social difficulties, ADHD, and autism, like limited sensory activity sessions at Rebound.

Intake for our programs go fast – if you’re interested, contact Bithika Kastha here or at 9445 6552 today!

Performing Arts Programs

Another popular program is our range of performing arts activities. If you ever wanted to try different instruments, sing, dance, and act on stage, this program is for you!

Our Music Rocks group practice and perform at a number of concerts throughout the year, with the first happening next Sunday 8th April! You can grab tickets here. And our Performing Arts students will show off their hard work and talent at a big performance in early November! Stay tuned for further details.

If you have any questions about what supports are available or questions about NDIS funding, feel free to call us at 1800 610 665!