13 Dec
What’s it like working at the Nursery?

What’s it like working at the Nursery?

 As one of our oldest social enterprises our Wholesale Nursery offers plenty of employment opportunities for people with disability. This is what it’s like working here and being part of the team. 

Nursery duties 

Our employees play an important role in making sure things at the Nursery run smoothly at all times. This includes potting plants, maintaining stock, and preparing them for distribution. 

Each morning the team is split into small groups and designated specific plant species to repot into larger containers. They also complete a series of quality checks to make sure only the highest quality stock is chosen for our customers. 

As each plant is different employees must utilize extensive horticultural knowledge on their unique properties. The team rigorously go through every single plant to: 

  • Remove dried leaves  
  • Check for signs of pests or infection 
  • Review root and foliage health 
  • Prune and weed where needed 
  • Loosen stock ready for planting 

Our team take pride in their work and enjoy seeing their efforts result in beautiful, healthy plant stock. Each small team then work together to organise stock in batches, move them to different areas, or prepare for delivery. 

Winter is our busiest period and the team work really hard to make sure all orders are prepared in time. During off-peak periods they assist with weeding, watering, pruning, and stock rotation. 

As seeding season is in full swing, we currently have one supported employee assisting with preparing seeds for planting. We also have team members able to apply pesticides and sprays if needed. This is a high level task that takes a significant amount of training and certain qualifications, and we’re working to upskill more of our team members on this task in the future.   

Our team members 

Currently around 22 employees work at the Nursery each day. We also welcome students interested in trying supported work through Workplace Learning. A number of them enjoyed working outdoors and have joined our permanent team after school.  

Many of our team members have been with us for several years and are highly experienced. As a result they make a close-knit group who work well together and support one another. 

Our dedicated support team are always on hand to encourage the team and help them develop new skills. For example four of our employees Ronyn, Alisha, Mark, and Sarah have learned to ride the quad bike and now assist staff in moving stock.  

For many of our supported employees, working at the Wholesale Nursery is an important step in developing their abilities, expanding their networks, and becoming independent. 

Follow our news for upcoming stories from our Nursery team members. To see more about the employment supports we offer contact us at 1800 610 665 or via email today.