21 Oct
What’s makes the ‘Wow Factor’?

What’s makes the ‘Wow Factor’?

Having talent and being the best isn’t everything, and that’s not what our upcoming Performing Arts show is about.  

The Wow Factor 

Every week our cast develop a range of skills and techniques towards the big performance. The support staff help them expand existing interests and discover new ones, which leads to new levels of confidence in themselves and their abilities. 

Our performers are passionate and ready to show everyone what they can achieve. There’s no limits to what they can do!  

Join us on the 9th November and you’ll discover exactly what ‘The Wow Factor’ is:

What to look forward to 

There’s so much to look forward to this year, we can’t wait! The cast have plenty of surprises planned including: 

  • A rock band performance 
  • Group and duo dance numbers  
  • Hilarious standup comedy  
  • Drum and rhythm numbers 
  • A show of martial arts and strength 

Spectacular solos 

2019 is the year to own the stage, and many of our performers have stepped up to the challenge. 

We finally get to see our songstress and Nexus Art grant winner Amanda perform her epic solo. She’s been working closely with Performing Arts Facilitator Sonni on developing her vocal skills and confidence on stage.  

Many of our performers will join her with individual acts of their own. We have several solos and duo acts to look forward to, and everyone has added their own individual flair to group performances. 

And in addition to these we have our favourite group numbers where everyone gets involved. It’s going to be another unmissable show, that’s for sure! 

Book today 

The Wow Factor is the perfect occasion to see for yourself what our supports can help you achieve. Last years’ show was fully booked so avoid missing out and grab your tickets today

Contact us here for booking enquiries. For more about our supports and what we do, you can get in touch with us via email or at 1800 610 665.