20 Sep
What’s new with disability in Australia?

What’s new with disability in Australia?

The NDIS is currently rolling out across the state and many are accessing supports for the first time. To ensure participants receive the best supports to suit their needs, a number of changes have been put into place to shape the future of disability in Australia. 

A New Participant Service Guarantee 

Last month the Government announced that they would develop a new Participant Service Guarantee. This will have a significant effect on people with disability, their families, and carers accessing the NDIS. But what does it really mean? 

This important framework will support NDIS services and set standards for the length of time taken at each major step of the NDIS journey.  

It aims to: 

  • Cut waiting time for approvals and receiving supports 
  • Focus on children and participants receiving specialist disability accommodation and assistive technology 
  • Improve positive experiences for NDIS participants, families, and carers 

The NDIS Act review 

The new Guarantee calls for a review of the NDIS Act, which began late August. It focuses on streamlining processes and removing barriers for providers, participants, families, and carers alike. The review is set to finish by the end of the year and in time for the completion of the Participant Service Guarantee by 1st July 2020. 

Get involved 

If you’d like to have your say then you can submit feedback through an accessible online survey. There’s also options for written submissions and to register for face-to-face workshops. 

We’re here to help 

Disability supports have changed a lot in the last few years. We understand that it can be hard to keep track of the changes and how they affect you. 

With over 25 years’ experience we are well equip to navigate these changes. We can answer any disability-related questions and provide the support you need. 

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