14 Dec
What’s new with Performing Arts: November 2020

What’s new with Performing Arts: November 2020

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Last month we welcomed a new lady to our Tuesday group: not only is she fun and energetic but she’s a naturally-gifted singer and dancer. We’re so happy for you to join us Jessica! 

Despite being new to the program, she’s quickly picked up on the activities and skits prepared for filming in late November.  

Both groups spent the weeks prior to this rehearsing and making sure all costumes and props were ready for the camera. Our mentors worked together with CSOs and attendees to make sure everyone knew what they were doing.  

We practiced lines that attendees had written for the performance to help them build confidence. In-between rehearsals we played a variety of movement activities, dancing, and games. 

Filming day

At the end of the month both classes were filmed performing their acts and scenes. Some were nervous in front of the camera, which is completely normal. But once they overcame their nerves they had a great time and pulled off a terrific performance.  

Before long, attendees were right at home with performing to the crowd and let their creativity flow wild. There was plenty of dramatic acting, singing, a bit of dancing, and even some puppets!  

We can’t wait to see the final video in our final session for 2020 and celebrate the great things we’ve achieved. 

Stay tuned for our final update for the year. 

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