25 Nov
What’s new with Performing Arts: Oct 2020

What’s new with Performing Arts: Oct 2020

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This month our Performing Arts crew have been doing workshops with Axel from our Service Excellence team. We’ve been exploring participants’ rights, how it makes you feel when someone doesn’t respect your rights, and how to speak up about it. 

Everyone was engaged and enjoyed sharing and learning about each other’s personal experiences. 

Introducing our mentors 

Hi, I’m Samhitha Joshi and I’ve been with Workpower since 2019 and have qualifications in psychology and ASD.  I love helping people: before coming to Australia I worked in India and Dubai with young children and teens as a special educator. 

My interest in music, dance, and drama has multiplied over the years by being surrounded by diverse groups of people. I believe in using innovative ways to teach and mentor, and that’s why I love Performing Arts.  

As a fun fact I enjoy mimicking different characters’ voices.  

What we’ve been working on  

As we move closer to the end of the year, both PA groups are busy adding the final touches to their performances. In addition to rehearsals, they’ve taken part in other acting and dancing activities: 

Linda’s class

  • Empowering participants to get in touch with their feelings through discussions 
  • Taking turns to speak up during group activities and make decisions by themselves 
  • Learning the meaning of Workpower’s values 

Lisa’s class

  • Learning new chair dancing moves 
  • Using unique puppets to tell stories and dance to music 

Samhitha’s class

  • Using our imagination to create a range of scenes in different seasons and exploring ways to showcase them 
  • More fun Bollywood dancing 
  • Mediation and self-awareness practice 

Sonni’s class

  • Singing and dancing along to “Home among the Gumtrees” 
  • Acting and staging favourite scenes from TV shows 

There’s plenty more coming up in Performing Arts, so keep your eyes out for our next update! For any questions about the program contact Bithika at 0407 985 628 or on email.