12 Oct
What’s new with Performing Arts: Sept 2020

What’s new with Performing Arts: Sept 2020

September has flown by as our Performing Arts group explore their creativity through movement, acting, and song! We meet one of our group mentors and catch up on what we worked on last month. 

Introducing our mentors 

Lisa Driehuis 

Hi I’m Lisa, one of the mentors for Performing Arts on Mondays at Middle Swan. I have been a CSO with Workpower now for 3 years and really love my job as I get to do some interesting activities with fantastic people while making a positive impact on their lives. What a privilege!  

I have a background in recreation and teaching and love dance and music. This role challenges me to use these skills which makes my job more enjoyable.  

My goal is for our customers to have many opportunities to lead, build friendships, and develop confidence. So far I’m blown away by the enthusiasm and commitment of everyone involved. We are having a ball learning new skills and achieving goals together.  

What we’ve been working on this month 

We are working towards an end of year performance with our performers which focuses on our rights. With the help of their CSOs, they have collaborated in groups to create a storyline that explores each element. 

Here’s what our performers have been learning in each of their classes: 

Linda’s class

  • Focusing on group work and rehearsing for our end of year performance 
  • Using group suggestions to create freestyle dance routines 
  • Incorporating fun movement activities 

“I enjoyed acting in the play,” says Thomas. “I like acting as a judge.” 

Lisa’s class

  • Taking turns leading the group in chair dancing to Home Among the Gum Trees 
  • Empowering performers to work in pairs to complete activities 
  • Discussing feelings and how they make your body feel 
  • Composing a group chair dance routine 

“I’m enjoying building my self-confidence by sharing with the group my scared feelings,” says Amanda. 

Practicing our chair dance moves with Lisa.

Samhitha’s class

  • Brainstorming ideas about multiculturalism and sharing our experiences 
  • Learning about different cultures through Bollywood dance  
  • Using our bodies to produce music and sound 
  • Relaxing with a mindful mediation 

Errin has really enjoyed dancing to The Beatles and rehearsing his act. 

Always important to stretch before we start!

Sonni’s class

  • Singing, dancing, and discussing the meaning of Waltzing Matilda 
  • Empowering our performers to discuss their rights and what it means to them 
  • Using Australian TV as inspiration for unique characters and storylines 
  • Exploring concepts like respect and dignity 

Brayden loves singing and dancing to Waltzing Matilda. He’s now figured out most of the notes on the xylophone. 

Read our monthly newsletter here: September 2020 (pdf)

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