30 Sep
What’s new with Performing Arts?

What’s new with Performing Arts?

We’re excited to share that our Performing Arts classes are up and running as usual once more!  

During the COVID-19 restrictions our weekly workshops were replaced by online sessions for the safety of our staff and participants. But by August we were able to resume our face-to face program which has been improved with a new delivery model. 

We now have four fantastic mentors leading our Performing Arts classes.  Lisa, Linda, Samhitha, and Sonni are all experienced teachers with lots of creativity and new activities to share with us. They will support our customers to explore the arts and showcase their unique talents. 

Here’s a bit about what each mentor specialises in: 

Meet our mentors 

Chair dancing with Lisa

Grooving to the music is one of our all-time favourite activities, which is why Lisa’s dance activity is always popular. We worked together to create our own choreography to new songs. 

Drama and singing with Sonni

Everyone enjoyed dancing, singing, and acting out their emotions to the classic ballad, ‘Waltzing Matilda’. The group are also learning about the Royal Commission and designing their own acts based on the rights of people with disability. 

Creative roleplay with Linda

Teamwork, using your imagination, communicating, and expressing yourself is a main part of Linda’s sessions. The group have a great time composing unique acts to show the others. 

Body movement with Samhitha

This session incorporates different art, music, and movement activities that help build coordination, listening, and leadership skills. We wrap up each session with deep breathing and a gentle yoga exercise. 

Each month we’ll send out a newsletter to families that includes what our Performing Arts class have been working on. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the crew! 

Want to know more about our Performing Arts support program? Contact us at 1800 610 665 today or email us for more details.