08 Jul
What’s new with the 2020-21 Price Guide Pt 1

What’s new with the 2020-21 Price Guide Pt 1

From 1st July the NDIS Price Guide has been updated to reflect some new changes. Here’s a breakdown of the different changes you should know about. Part 2 will be released next week.

Download versions of the 2020-21 Price Guide here. 

COVID-19 changes 

The 10% COVID price limit increase and extension of the cancellation policy to 10 days ended on the 30th June. 

How this affects you: You will now get a 100% cancellation charge if you don’t attend your support booking or cancel last minute. Short notice cancellations are back to two business days’ notice.  


Service providers can now charge for travel costs when delivering supports and services.  

How this affects you: This could expand the supports that you receive. Make sure that you speak to your services provider about these costs ahead of time. 

Group support pricing 

Group-based supports will now be charged differently, based on your share of the time spent in a group with others during your support. You will be charged against the 1:1 support line item relevant to you. 

For example, you attend a group support with three other people for an hour. You will be charged a quarter (25%) of your 1:1 support rate for that hour, as you are one of four participants supported by a support worker. 

Service providers can either continue using the 2019-20 pricing for the next 12 months or transition to the new one. 

How this affects you: Your group support charge will change depending on what your service provider does. Please note that some supports will still be made on the previous participant to support worker ratio. 

To best understand how this affects you, should speak to your providers about this change.  

Non-facing supports 

Non-facing supports can now be charged, instead of having an allowance built into the price limit. These activities include preparation tasks done by service providers so you can receive the support you need. For example report writing or conducting research to assist you in working towards your goals. 

How this affects you: You and your service provider must agree on this fee beforehand, so make sure to discuss this with them. 

Receive supports from us? 

If you have any questions or want to discuss your arrangements, we’re here to help. Contact your Customer Engagement Manager, or call 1800 610 665 or email here.  

Stay tuned for more important details about the latest Price Guide changes. In the meantime, see our other NDIS guides and follow us on Facebook and Instagram for monthly NDIS Q&As!