15 Jul
What’s new with the 2020-21 Price Guide Pt 2

What’s new with the 2020-21 Price Guide Pt 2

Here’s part 2 of our highlights on the newest Price Guide. We talk more about group supports, capital centre costs, support programs, and more. 

Establishment fees 

More providers can claim establishment fees. They will now be calculated at up to 10x the hourly weekday daytime price limit for a standard/Level 1 support worker. 

This fee now applies for High Intensity Daily Personal Activities (0104), Participation in Community, Social and Civic activities (0125); and Group and Centre Based Activities (0136)

How does it affect you: When you start a new Service Agreement with a new provider you might get an establishment fee. This covers one-off costs like setting up your Service Booking.  

Your provider won’t charge you more than once across all your plans. 

Capital centre costs 

Services providers may now claim a cost for supports delivered at a centre. This is an existing charge previously built into the price limit for centre-based supports: it is not an extra charge. 

As this is linked to the new group support pricing, service providers may charge this while others may continue on the 2019-20 pricing until 30th June 2021. 

How it affects youWhen you join supports at a centre you may be charged a fair amount for your share of maintaining the building. Speak to your provider to see what their arrangements are. 

Support programs 

You can now join a group support for a longer period of time, up to 12 weeks. If you want to leave you can do so by giving two weeks’ notice with no charge, or a shorter period that you and your service provider agree on. 

How it affects you: This allows you to continuing access a group support program for longer, which might help you achieve long-term goals. To do this, contact your provider to discuss changing your current Service Agreement. 

Need assistance with the NDIS? 

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