14 Oct
What’s your Mental Health Promise?

What’s your Mental Health Promise?

This year we’re making a commitment to good mental health. We asked our people to make a Mental Health Promise for Mental Health Day on the 10th October. However, we believe these commitments should be done often and something that makes you feel good every day. 

It can be hard to look after your mental health while juggling many responsibilities. That’s why making a promise to yourself and sharing it with others will remind you to take time for yourself. 

Here are just a few fantastic promises shared from across our diverse organisation: 

Our promises

Madeleine Lester, Community Support Officer:

“I take time to walk my dog in parks all over Perth. Anything from hiking at Bells Rapids to walking around King’s Park or the local oval. I promise to continue doing this daily, as I feel happier when I am out in the fresh air and with dogs.”

Alwen, Manager Customer Experience: 

“Over the years I’ve realised that my mental health is just as important as physical health. I have found that the best way for me to ensure my mental health is ‘in check’ is by going on walks along the coast. 

They can be as short as 10 minutes to as long as an hour. I promise to continue this and to start short guided meditation twice a week.”

Wholesale Nursery team:

“We promise to try go to the oval each week for a knock about with the footy.” 

Lisa, Community Support Officer: 

“I promise to continue learning to ride the mountain bike with my family out in nature.

It helps me de-stress, focus on the environment, and be in that happy place surrounded by those who are most important to me.”

Kathy, General Manager Customer Experience:

“I promise to take more time out for myself.”

Kristina, Community Support Officer:

“My promise is to keep doing my volunteer work in the afternoons. I currently volunteer for an organisation called POOPs (Pets of Older People).

They supply services to the elderly to keep them with their beloved pets. People with disabilities can also use this service.  

Kerry and Charlie (her dog) use their services. It keeps me motivated by going for walks with Charlie in the neighbourhood and helps Kerry by having people check on her constantly. It also makes me feel good about helping our most vulnerable who sometimes get forgotten.”

Bibra Lake employees:

The team brainstormed lots of different promises that include fishing, going for walks, catching up with friends, drawing, or listening to music.

Sinead, Community Support Officer: 

I recently completed a Mental Health First Aid course. I promise to ‘keep learning’. This course not only improved my knowledge of mental illness, but also gave me strategies to look after my own wellbeing. 

I feel it’s important to gain more knowledge and insight into mental health and speak openly about it to decrease stigma and to help others move forward. 

What a great way to put our mental wellbeing first! What’s your Mental Health Promise?

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