26 Jun
Why you should choose native plants

Why you should choose native plants

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Western Australia is home to some of the most rare and unique flora and fauna in the world. There are 35 biodiversity hotspots recognised globally, and our South West WA region is one of them. Hotspots are defined as areas where high concentrations of unique species are under threat from extinction.

7,239 rare species live here and 80% can’t be found anywhere else. This level of biodiversity needs to be protected, especially as climate change continues to threaten our environment.

The best choice for your gardens

WA natives are the perfect option for any sustainable garden, landscape, or revegetation project. It’s not only good for preserving our environment, but is also:

  • Affordable: Native plants are inexpensive to source and grow, and are long lasting.
  • Great for native wildlife: Native flora attracts native fauna, so don’t be surprised if your garden gains a following of native butterflies, birds, and insects.
  • Easy to grow and maintain: Compared to imported or introduced plants, natives will grow, adapt, and thrive better in our environment.
  • Sustainable: Many WA natives can survive the elements, require little water, or are fire resistant.

And last but not least, our native plants are beautiful and unique in their own right. You can choose from a wealth of different colours, sizes, and shapes to suit your needs.

These plants make the perfect complement to urban landscapes. Last year our Nursery supplied over 40 different plant species for the
Perth Yagan Square development. The garden celebrates WA’s unique biodiversity and visitors can enjoy a range of native flowers at spring time.

Our final clearance sale on a large range of native stock ends Sunday 30th June, so don’t miss out! Contact Alex here or at (08) 9375 4900 today.