25 Jul
Why you should donate

Why you should donate

We often don’t think about the things we collect throughout our busy lives until we’re faced with a storage problem. Maybe you’ve been hoarding cutlery and glasses for an occasion that never happened, or forgot that you already owned a foot heater and bought another one. Whatever the reason, you can donate these unwanted goods at recycling stores instead of leaving them to collect dust and take up space in your home.

By doing so, you give a second life to your items, protect the environment, and make a difference to others’ lives too!

A second chance

Everyone has possessions that they don’t really need. Perhaps they’ve lost sentimental value, you’ve grown out of it, or you don’t have the chance to use it anymore. But that doesn’t mean the items are useless.

If you have a good quality item that you don’t want anymore, then you have an opportunity to do something good with it. This is a chance at a second life for an item that would otherwise be wasted, forgotten, or disposed of later down the track.

By donating an item, you:

  • Save on disposal costs
  • Remove it from landfill
  • Give it a second life with someone else

Next time you take a look around your house, ask yourself: would this item be more useful if it was donated?

Giving to others

As the age-old saying goes, ‘one man’s trash is another man’s treasure’. What you think might not be useful or relevant anymore might be exactly what someone else has been looking for.

By donating your unwanted goods, you give others the opportunity to purchase the things they need at a good price.

And don’t forget – as a social enterprise, all profits go back to providing sustainable employment for those at the Balcatta Recycling Shop. This creates more employment opportunities for people with disability. When you donate your secondhand goods, you’re also giving them a chance to earn, grow, and sustain themselves.

Things to remember when donating at the BRS

  • Don’t donate waste or broken, faulty, or unclean goods – donations are meant for other people and should be good quality
  • However, we can recycle plastic, cardboard, paper, metal, polystyrene and other materials
  • Sort out your materials per type (eg. all plastics together) before dropping them off

If you consider these steps before donating or recycling, you help us effectively recycle and prepare goods for reuse without any waste! And if you’re unsure about what you can donate or recycle, give us a ring at (08) 9445 6591.

We’ll be following up with more info about how we recycle and do our part to reduce landfill next week!

Check out the Balcatta Recycling Shop for more information about what you can recycle and donate. Give us a ring today at (08) 9445 6591 or drop by and see us at 238 Balcatta Road, Perth.