19 Feb
Work sampling through SHEP Junior

Work sampling through SHEP Junior

We support a number of young people with disability looking to study or start their first career. Deciding your next steps after school can be a difficult choice for most people that age, and it can take some time to explore and find what suits you. 

As part of the School Holiday Program we offer young adults the opportunity to do just that through specially designed work activities. 

Our employment activities helps them: 

  • Learn about different workplaces 
  • Try out different work tasks 
  • Understand work expectations 
  • Explore potential career options  

SHEP Junior 

In the January SHP a number of attendees took part in Junior School Holiday Employment Program activities over two days.  

On the first day they sampled different work tasks from Workpower’s Packaging and Warehousing business. This includes counting, sorting, and assembling different products.  

Attendees and their support workers worked together to complete the tasks. They also learned about training opportunities, work expectations, and safety procedures at Workpower. 

On the second day our group visited the Wholesale Nursery to explore employment in the horticulture industry. Staff showed us the site and each different production step involved in growing plants; from seeding to dispatch. 

After this, each attendee got their hands dirty and tried some weeding. Everyone had a great time, and took home a beautiful native plant as a memento. 

Opportunity to develop 

SHEP is a good opportunity to explore a different workplace and get a better idea of what activities they would like to do. Having completed this sampling exercise, attendees who are interested in exploring further options can get one-on-one support to do so.  

We can help you look into work experience in other businesses, or research and plan for your future career. To find out how we can help you get started, email or call us on 1800 610 665 today.