04 Oct
Work your way at the Balcatta Recycling Shop

Work your way at the Balcatta Recycling Shop

The world of work is changing rapidly, and it’s important to find employment that works for you. Through our various social enterprises we offer many different opportunities to: 

  • Explore and learn about the workplace 
  • Try work in different industries and environments 
  • Build various skills and knowledge 
  • Work towards open employment and career development 

The Balcatta Recycling Shop (BRS) is a great place to try out different work roles and find what suits you. Here’s the different ways you can develop your career with us. 

Work experience 

School students and leavers can learn about the workplace through our Workplace Learning initiative.  

When they join us each student is introduced to the team, given a site tour, and invited to try out various tasks. We currently have three students exploring work at the BRS and helping us manage the shop and recycling areas. 

We work closely with students, teachers, schools, and families to help make that transition from school to work as easy as possible. 

Flexible work arrangements 

Employees can work the hours they want and that suits their lifestyle. Our support team are always on hand to assist team members to develop their skills and excel in their tasks as they work. We encourage employees to take regular breaks, switch activities, and try different tasks so they can build their skillset. 

We put our people first and offer flexible work arrangements – if things change or you want to try something different we’re more than happy to accommodate. 

A stepping stone for your goals 

Working at the BRS is a great starting point whether you’re starting your first job or returning to the workplace.  

Our dedicated Customer Engagement team work with you to develop unique goals and help you work towards them. This might include: 

  • Further training or qualifications 
  • Trying employment at other social enterprises 
  • Moving into open employment 
  • Connecting with opportunities in the local community 

Get started today 

Positions at Balcatta Recycling Shop are currently open, so get in contact with us today to find out more! Email us here or call 1800 610 665. 

Check out more details about our supported and other employment supports. You can also find us on Facebook and Instagram