04 Jul
Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report

Workplace Gender Equality Agency Report

Each year, Workpower provides a report to the Workplace Gender Equality Agency on our performance as an equal opportunity employer.

Our reporting covers the following areas:

  • Gender composition of the workforce
  • Gender composition of our board
  • Equality of remuneration between women and men
  • Availability and utility of employment terms, conditions and practices relating to flexible working arrangements for employees and to working arrangements supporting employees with family or caring responsibilities
  • Consultation with employees on issues concerning gender equality in the workplace

On 7 June 2017, Workpower lodged its 2017 public report with the Workplace Gender Equality Agency. You can download a copy of the report by clicking here Workpower Gender Equality Report.

If you have any comments about this report, please email them to info@workpower.asn.au.