14 Sep
Workpower band returns to the Rosemount!

Workpower band returns to the Rosemount!

Performing for the first time this year, our rock stars can’t wait to step into the limelight and show everyone what they can do! Music Rocks Australia returns to the Rosemount Hotel this weekend for a huge, unmissable show. 

Due to community restrictions it’s been over eight months since our band performed on stage. But it hasn’t stopped our Music Rocks musicians from continuing to play and practice with our different musical instruments during our weekly sessions. Now our musicians are more ready than ever to rock out on stage! 

Return to the Rosemount 

With over 500 musicians from various schools, education centres, and community centres, the performances will begin with an Allstar show on Friday night. 

This special event features one of our very talented and enthusiastic musicians, Jack. Jack loves drumming and previously received a Nexus Art grant to further develop his musical techniques. He start the weekend off with a smashing drum solo! 

Return to the Rosemount is a terrific live music event suitable for families and friends alike. Make sure you don’t miss this opportunity to see our band in action. 

Event details 


  • Friday 18th September (Jack’s solo) 
  • Sunday 20th September (Workpower band) 


  • Friday, Session 1: Doors open 5.15pm, 5.30 – 8.30pm 
  • Saturday, Session 3: Doors open 11.10am, 11.25am – 12.25pm 

Location: Rosemount Hotel, 459 Fitzgerald St, North Perth WA 6006 

Cost: $22 adult, $17 children 

Ready to rock out 

Our musicians look forward to each live show as it’s an opportunity to show off their love of music to supportive friends and family. In addition, these events provide a chance for them to embrace the spotlight and find confidence in their skills.  

With the support of our team and the Music Rocks crew, our performers are ready to show everyone what they’ve achieved this year!  

Book your ticket online or purchase them at the door on the day. 

For more about our music program or our other supports, contact us at 1800 610 665 or on email today.