04 May
Workpower and the future of social enterprise

Workpower and the future of social enterprise

Social enterprises are on the rise, and it’s not hard to see why.

Currently we have over 20,000 estimated social enterprises in Australia. This means employment for 300,000 Australians. But it’s more than jobs – it’s about providing training and experience for disadvantaged people and a better cultural, social, economic, and environmentally sustainable future.

Statistics also suggest that social enterprises create more diverse and inclusive workplaces. Beside the fact that many employ more people from disadvantaged groups, it’s shown that 1/3 of their board members are women, compared to 1/4 in mainstream organisations.

Early last year, the Victorian Government took the initiative and produced Australia’s first Social Enterprise Strategy. The focus lies on establishing an enterprise network, building an online marketplace, and making it easier for organisations and businesses to get involved through a social procurement framework. As the leaders in this movement, the trend is set to go national in the coming years.

The great news is that there’s a lot of scope for growth.

Not just with everyday consumers, but especially with social procurement with governments and organisations. It only takes a swap from one business to another more sustainable one to make a world of difference.

Where does Workpower fit?

As a whole, we operate as a social enterprise. How you ask? Because:

100% of profits from any of our businesses goes back to providing sustainable employment and individual supports for people with disability.

Within our organisation, we have six separate businesses operating as social enterprises alone. They cover a wide range of industries, produce different products and services, and cater for a wide number of employment and work experience needs. We work with a wide number of individuals, businesses, community groups, and local governments.

And as a certified NDS provider, we provide tailored supports and inclusive programs to help individuals achieve their goals and dreams. Some examples are our popular School Holiday Programs and Performing Arts classes.

Take a look at our social enterprises:

1905 Catering  |  Balcatta Recycling Shop  |  Packaging & Warehousing  |  Fire & Electrical Services  |  Wholesale Nursery  |  Property Services

To get in touch with us about our enterprises or individualised supports, contact us here or at 1800 610 665.