15 Apr
Workpower goes online with new virtual supports!

Workpower goes online with new virtual supports!

We’re here to support you, wherever you are, with our new Online Community Supports! Our dedicated team will harness their skills to provide a range of classes to broaden your interests, expand your skills, and keep you busy all day!  

Here are further details about these supports and how you can book your spot. 

Our support activities 

This is the perfect opportunity to discover something new, and we have a huge range of activities on offer. 

Download our April – May 2020 Calendar HERE.

It includes: 

Sports and exercise 

  • Jujitsu: Learn the art of self-defence and develop agility, endurance, and confidence in this fitness challenge for all abilities.  
  • Boxing: Get your boxing gloves on and get ready to sweat, move, and have fun! 
  • Movement games: Want something easy, active, and fun? Then join us as we play interactive games that will get you jumping and laughing along. 

Art and music 

  • African drumming: Discover African culture and music with this engaging and interactive rhythm session. 
  • Cartoon-drawing: Ever wanted to create your own cartoons? Learn illustration techniques and tricks to bring your characters to life. 
  • Performing arts: Add the spice of drama to your life and get your body moving with our fun and active theatre class. 

Games and interests 

  • Cooking masterclass: Follow our step-by-step workshops and learn to make easy, healthy, and delicious home meals for the whole family. 
  • Dance party: Who doesn’t love dancing and getting our groove on? Join our dance party for lots of laughs and good times. 
  • Interactive activities: Get your thinking cap on as we challenge ourselves with puzzles, collaborative activities, and brain games. 

Date and Time: 20th April – 1st May 2020. Sessions start from 8.30am and finish at 4.30pm. 

Book an online support HERE!

We’ve got so many fantastic activities planned and can’t wait to get started next week. For more details, contact Nat on email or 0438 995 516. 

We are also continuing to safely provide one-on-one supports to people on a restricted basis. For more, contact us here.