20 Nov
Workpower keeps our community beautiful!

Workpower keeps our community beautiful!

In today’s Community Blog, Community Support Officer Sam Smith tells us about signing up for Adopt-a-Spot with his participant and the benefits they’ve reaped from giving back to nature and the community!

Adopt-a-Spot is a program run by Keep Australia Beautiful (KABWA) that allows volunteers to choose a spot in their local community to keep clean and litter-free.

As an easy way to get involved with the community and take care of the environment, any individual, group, or association can join and choose a roadside, park, waterway, bush trail, wetland or beach to care for. They then organise small clean-up sessions and produce a clean up report.

Branko and I came upon this program while searching for another opportunity for Branko to gain work experience and engage with community. We found the perfect place within the Workpower group: we were assigned the Middle Swan Reserve area, a popular local community spot for local BBQs, picnics, and hangouts.

Branko grins on as he does his bit for the environment!

Every fortnight on a Friday we joined the other participants and spent two hours picking up rubbish, chatting with others, and making the reserve beautiful again.

We’ve only been to two sessions so far, but I can already see the great impact it’s had on the participants and the reserve. The park gets cleaner and tidier with every cleanup. Our little team of four participants and four CSOs really enjoy doing our part for the environment, and are motivated by the restored beauty of the park.

It’s also been a great opportunity to learn important skills like teamwork, listening to directions,  time management, and problem-solving. The participants are learning a lot from each other – but also from nature itself.

Although it’s early days for the project, I’m very enthusiastic about the impact we can make on the area, and also the growth in the participants themselves.

This is a wonderful way to connect with the Workpower community, and the wider community and environment at that!

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