01 Jan
Your 2020 NDIS guide

Your 2020 NDIS guide

To help you get the best out the NDIS this year, here’s some of the latest updates that you should know about: 

The current rollout 

The NDIS is set to complete the rollout across WA this year. As of the end of September 2019, over 20,000 West Australians are receiving support from the NDIS. The transfer of participants from WA NDIS has also been formally completed. 

Participant Service Guarantee 

Announced in August, this new framework will set standards for the length of time taken at each step in the NDIS. This, along with the NDIS Act Review, is set to be finished 1st July this year. 

Price guide A national Price Guide and supporting Price Catalogue were introduced in July, with the latest version from December. It will be updated as part of the annual review and a new guide released  31st May 2020. 

New supports 

One of the latest updates to the price guide includes a new range of disability-related health supports outlined here. The NDIS has also introduced Medium Term Accommodation in the December guide.

Can’t wrap your head around the new price guide? Here’s a breakdown on how it works

Plan review 

As we move into the final rollout stage many participants are coming up towards their first plan review. This is typically 12 months from when you started receiving supports. Here’s a handy guide for how to prepare for yours. 

The NDIS recently extended this to a maximum of three years. This is suitable for participants in stable conditions, with supports unlikely to change, or with long-term goals like community involvement.  

Need some help? 

If there’s anything about the NDIS that you don’t understand, don’t keep quiet about it! We believe you should have all the information and support you need to get the best out of the scheme.  

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