29 Apr
Your guide to Customised Employment: part 2

Your guide to Customised Employment: part 2

Stage 1 of our approach is the Discovery Process, which we’ll break down into a series of steps.

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How the Discovery Process works

As a student or school leaver it can be hard to know what you want to do when you finish school and what’s available. This Discovery Process aims to give you all the information needed to set goals for where you want to work and how to get there.

In addition, it helps us understand your interests and aspirations so we can assist you to find work that fits you and not the other way around. As a key part of Customised Employment, we take care to ensure we get the whole picture.

This approach is tailored to each person, so yours may involve some or all of these steps. When you start with us, you will be allocated a support worker who will:

Get to know you and your neighbourhood

They ask you questions and get to know your family and the area you live in.

Talk to important people in your life

The support worker will talk to others close to you, including your friends or teachers.

Make discovery visits

This is your chance to show off the things you enjoy, like your sports or hobbies.

Help you explore work options

They will help you consider the types of activities you’d like to do in a job that harnesses your skills and interests. During this step, you get opportunities to discover more about work in different industries. This may include workplace visits, employer talks, or even work trials.

Put together a work profile

The support worker will work with you to summarise all the things you’ve learnt so far.

Create a Job/Business Development Plan

This is based off your work profile and highlights your skills, goals, and areas where you might like to try working.

Conduct information interviews

In this final step, you will visit some businesses where you can meet employers and ask questions about what it’s like to work there. Your support worker will be there and also help you prepare.

If you have any questions or would like to receive this support, get in touch with Kathy Kelly on 0419 834 548 or via email!

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