06 May
Your guide to Customised Employment: part 3

Your guide to Customised Employment: part 3

We delve into creating your dream job, which can be achieved in various ways – today we cover the process of Job Creation.

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Finding your dream role

Once you’ve reviewed your employment goals from the Discovery Process, it’s time to find work that matches your unique interests.

One of the best things about the Customised Employment approach is that you have different options for finding work. The first one we’ll be discussing today is Job Creation.

What’s Job Creation?

This is when a job is created or re-designed to suit your needs and your Development Plan.

Your support worker helps the employer of a business you’re interested in to find gaps and create a new position. From here, they will support you to get settled into your new position and workplace.

There’s no need to worry about working alone, as our support doesn’t end once you’ve started work. We will be on hand to support you to and from work and during work, for as long as required.

If you decide that you’d like to find work in an existing workplace, then your support worker will follow these steps:

Engage an employer

They will get in contact with the businesses that you’re interested in.

Role negotiation

Your support worker will work with you and the employer to create a new role that suits your needs and those of the business.

On the job support

Once a role is finalised, they will walk you through your new duties and help you to prepare for work. This may include transport training and regular visits to your workplace.

Ongoing support

Your support worker is available to assist you while travelling to and from work if needed. They will also support you to work to the best of your ability.

And businesses don’t miss out either. During this process we dedicate time to work with employers and find solutions to their business needs. For more info on how your business could benefit contact Nat Katsaros on 0438 995 516.

Keen to start your own Customised Employment journey? Contact Kathy Kelly on 0419 834 548 today!

We’ll discuss other job options in the next article, so stay tuned. You can also find other stories about Customised Employment here.