29 May
Your guide to Customised Employment: part 4

Your guide to Customised Employment: part 4

Ever wanted to be self-employed or have your own micro-business? Here’s how it could happen.

Through this series we’ve covered the basics on Customised Employment. Here are the previous topics:  Introduction and Eligibility | Discovery Process | Job Creation | Micro-business

Exploring self-employment

If you’ve got skills that you’d like to utilise in your own business, we can support you in this goal. Instead of working in an existing workplace you can explore options for running your own micro-business or enterprise. This is a good way to fill an opening in the market with your unique skills.

The process below begins with finding opportunities for a new business. Once you’re set up, you will receive support to eventually run your enterprise independently. Your support worker will:

Build a business idea

They will work closely with you, your family, and support network to collect ideas for your potential business.

Review ideas

The support worker will conduct research and provide a study that covers what’s required to set up the business, the process, and projected profits and losses.

Make a business plan

With this information, they will work with you and your family to create a formal business plan. They will also prepare a budget plan, a risk management plan, and advise on any legal requirements.

Provide training

Together, you will review any additional training or qualifications needed. Your support worker can give recommendations on courses for business or industry-specific skills to help you prepare and assist you during training.

Support you and your business

A support plan will be put into place to help you in your daily business duties. We will also help you spread the word through marketing and advertising.

Becoming an independent entrepreneur

Our goal is to support you towards managing your business by yourself. If you decide to take this next step, we will help you transition and provide all the resources and contacts you might need.

Our team will follow up with you later to see how you’re going and if you need any extra support.

Want to learn more about Customised Employment? Sign up for our School Holiday Employment Program (SHEP) starting in July! Contact Jan Cartmell at 0409 290 990 for more.

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