12 Feb
Your Guide to Reportable Incidents

Your Guide to Reportable Incidents

If anything happens during a support with us, we act quickly and efficiently to address the issue and ensure everyone is safe. 

Under the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission, any incident that happens as part of or related to a Workpower support or service should be reported and managed by our incident management process. 

This includes any event or activity that has harmed a person with disability’s health, safety, or wellbeing. Here’s some information about how we manage these incidents under the NDIS Commission. 

Reportable incidents 

Any incident that happens as part of or related to a Workpower support or service will be quickly addressed, reported, and managed. Our top priority is to ensure that everyone feels safe, respected, and comfortable.  

If any incident involves any of the following: 

  • Death or serious injury of a person with disability  
  • Abuse, violence, neglect, or exploitation of a person with disability  
  • Sexual or physical contact with a person with disability that is against the law 
  • Sexual misconduct or assault committed against a person with disability or in their presence, including grooming them for sexual activity  
  • Any unregulated use of restrictive practices with a person with disability 

It is considered a reportable incident. If this happens as result of or during a Workpower support we will report it to the NDIS Commission. 

We encourage anyone who feels that there may have been an incident or issue to talk to us and let us handle the situation. 

What we will do 

Workpower will work with the NDIS Commission to report and resolve incidents that happen as a result of our supports. Our support staff have completed comprehensive training to ensure that we continue safely providing high quality services. 

This includes training on how to identify signs and symptoms of potential incidents, and how to support people with disability to make a disclosure and get help. 

See our resource on this topic. 

Find out more about the NDIS Quality and Safeguarding Commission.

If you have any questions about how we handle incidents at Workpower then contact the Service Excellence team for more details.