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Your Guide to Restrictive Practices

Your Guide to Restrictive Practices

Here’s some information on how the Quality and Safeguarding Commission aims to eliminate or reduce restrictive practices. 

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What is Restrictive Practice? 

restrictive practice is any behaviour that restricts the rights, freedom, or movement of a person with disability. Previously this practice was used to respond to challenging behaviours and protect them and others from harm.  

They are recognised as potential infringement to human rights, and therefore the NDIS Commission will manage this process carefully. 

Behaviour Support Plan 

 A registered specialist behaviour support provider will work with participants and their support networks to create a plan. This behaviour support plan uses a personed-centred approach and aims to: 

  • Improve the participant’s quality of life 
  • Protect their rights 
  • Reduce or eliminate restrictive practices 

Regulating restrictive practices 

In situations where these practices are used they must be regulated carefully. All restrictive practices must be: 

  • Approved and managed as part of the participant’s behaviour support plan 
  • Used only as a last option in preventing harm 
  • Reported to the NDIS Commission 

Types of regulated practices include: 

  • Chemical restraints 
  • Physical restraints 
  • Mechanical restraints 
  • Environmental restraints 
  • Seclusion 

What does this mean for Workpower? 

Workpower is an implementing provider and will use a participant’s behaviour support plan to deliver safe and high quality supports.  

We will report to the NDIS Commission every month on any practices used. If  restrictions are used in a crisis without consent, we will report this and work with the NDIS to develop an temporary support plan. All support staff completed training on this topic in November. 

Workpower is dedicated to managing and reducing Restrictive Practices across all our supports. This makes sure that we provide you with safe, high quality supports and opportunities to build your capabilities. 

Find out more about our approach here. 

If you have any questions about our processes then you can contact our Service Excellence team. For further information about Workpower call 1800 610 665 or email us today.