22 May
Your NDIS questions, answered: FAQ part 2

Your NDIS questions, answered: FAQ part 2

Today we’re talking about different support budgets and what employment supports you can access through the NDIS. 

What’s the difference between support budgets? 

Once you’ve got an NDIS plan approved you will be allocated funding to help you achieve your goals. These are available in three different budgets


  • Helps you complete everyday tasks and work towards your specific goals 
  • Includes household assistance, transport, and consumables 
  • Can be used flexibly for other supports as well 

An example would be receiving support to maintain your house, help you dress, or prepare meals. 


  • Used for large once-off payments like assistive technology or Specialist Disability Accomodation (SDA) 
  • Cannot be used to pay for anything else 

You can access home or vehicle modifications like wheelchairs or walking aids to assist in your movement. 


  • For building your independence, skills, and capacity towards achieving longer-term goals 
  • Includes supports to find and keep a job, improve living arrangements, and build your social and community participation 
  • Can only be used to purchase approved supports in this category 

If you’re looking for support to explore your local community or make choices on your NDIS plan, then these fall under Capacity. To access our online supports you can do so through both Core and Capacity funding. 

Can I get support to find work? 

If you’re a person with disability and looking for work, there’s various options available to you. These depend on the aspirations and interests you identified in your NDIS plan. 

If you are: 

  • In school or leaving school you can receive support to transition to work through the School Leavers Employment Supports (SLES) 
  • Looking for support while you work, you can do so by working at social enterprises like ours (Support in Employment and Assistance in Specialised Supported Employment
  • Searching for open employment, you can get support to apply for positions, attend interviews, and learn while you work with tailored support (Individual Employment Support

Don’t know what you want to do yet? You can also get support to explore career options and build skills towards work.  

Our online employment supports are perfect for this and will be available soon. You can learn to manage money, ace a job interview, or write a resume from your home. We also have a tailored Micro-enterprise workshop currently running. For further updates on this then see here. 

What does being supported at work look like?  

Being supported at work is different for everyone as we all have unique skills and goals. But generally they can help you:  

  • Stay focused on a task or goal, by providing regular reminders 
  • Grow and expand your work skills through encouragement to try different tasks 
  • Complete tasks that you might find challenging and going through the steps one-by-one to help you learn 

If you work in an administration role we might help you set up a new filing system, remind you when tasks are due, and talk through anything you’re unsure about.  

Stay tuned next week for part 3 of our FAQ series. See the rest of our resources, or get in contact with us for more on email today.