19 Mar
Your transition to the NDIA

Your transition to the NDIA

It can be an exciting and nervous time with changes to the NDIS. We’re here to help you make a smooth transition from WA NDIS, and to answer any questions you have about the new system.

What’s happening now?

All participants currently with the WA NDIS will be transitioned to the NDIS run by the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA).

This phased approach starts in April 2018 and concludes by December 2018. The transitions continue through July, when the NDIA takes full responsibility for the NDIS.

The good news is that you don’t need to do anything – the WA government will be in contact to organise your transition. The NDIA and the government will work hard to ensure the process is managed well and without any disruptions to your supports.

The process

If you’re transitioning from WA NDIS to the NDIA, there will be a process to transfer you onto the NDIA system. The three step process goes like this:

  1. You will receive an initial letter to obtain your consent to transfer over to the NDIA. The WA government will follow up with each individual if needed.
  2. Once consent, contact details, and any other routine info has been passed on, you will be transferred from the WA NDIS to the NDIA system.
  3. An NDIA plan that reflects the strategies from your WA NDIS plan as much as possible will be created in the NDIA system.

If you’re with Workpower

It’s very important to get in touch with us as soon as you receive the letter for consent. This is to make sure that there’s no interruption to your supports and services with us.

When you receive your letter, you should:

  1. Contact us are soon as possible
  2. Let us know if you need any information about the NDIA, the transition, or about being under the NDIA system
  3. Follow our Facebook page for upcoming regular NDIS Q&A sessions
  4. Check out our resources on the NDIS and recent changes

We want to support you and make this transition process as seamless as possible. We can also offer:

  • Details about nearby information sessions
  • Pre-planning support, especially if you’re developing a new plan with the NDIA
  • Support to access other available services and supports

Contact us HERE or call 1800 610 665.

Check out our other NDIS resources, and stay tuned for more information and answers to common NDIS questions!