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What’s that and what does it mean? Find out with our handy definitions guide.


Abuse is if someone is treating you badly. This can include the use of constraints, restrictive practices, and any financial or economic abuse.

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When something is accessible it means that it can be used by everyone. Things that can be accessible are transport, locations and buildings, information, and online services.

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Australian Disability Enterprise

This is a social enterprise that employs people with disability and supports them while at work to excel at their job. We operate a number of ADEs across Perth and Mandurah.

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When you act or speak up to defend someone’s rights. This can be done:

  • Yourself or as part of a group
  • By an individual on your behalf
  • By a lawyer who represents your rights in the court of law
  • Through the systems, policies, and laws we live by

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Having an understanding or knowledge about a topic. We use this term to talk about awareness of people with disability and their rights.

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Capacity building supports

Capacity Building Supports help buy NDIS services that build your independence and skills to help you reach your long-term goals. This may include:

  • Improved Life Choices (e.g. plan management)
  • Improved Health and Wellbeing (e.g. diet planning)

Unlike your Core Supports budget, your Capacity Building Supports budget cannot be moved from one support category to another. Funding can only be used to purchase approved individual supports that fall within that Capacity Building category. Click here to find out more.

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Core supports

Core Supports are NDIS supports that help you with everyday activities, your current disability-related needs and to work towards your goals. This may include:

  • Supports in Employment
  • Assistance with Daily Life (e.g. cooking)
  • Assistance with Social and Community Participation (e.g. attending a club with a support worker)
  • Transport (e.g. travelling to work)

Core supports can be used flexibly across several support categories, but not all. Click here to find out more. 

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This is when you are treated unfairly because of your age, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, culture, health, or where you live. We often talk about the discrimination of people because of their disability.

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This is when someone takes advantage of someone else.  

Exploitation involves the inappropriate use of and restricting access to someone’s assets, resources, employment, or labour.

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National Disability Insurance Agency

This is the government organisation that runs the NDIS.

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National Disability Insurance Scheme

The NDIS is a scheme that provides eligible people with a permanent or significant disability access to reasonable and necessary supports and services.

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This is when someone does not help you in the way they should. It can be intentional or unintentional, and either a single incident or ongoing. 

When someone doesn’t think about your wants or needs, or keeps you away from basic necessities like shelter, food, education, or medical care.

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People Services Manager

Your People Services Manager is responsible for your day-to-day service delivery. They are also in charge of the people in Workpower’s sites and services.

This includes:

  • Workpower’s customers
  • Supported employees
  • Workpower staff (including support workers)

You can contact your PSM throughout the year with any questions, comments, concerns and compliments about services that you receive from Workpower. 

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These are rules that make sure that everyone is treated equally and fairly.

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Actions that are designed to protect a person with disability’s right to be safe from violence, abuse, exploitation, and neglect. It does this while maintaining the quality of services and the person’s choice and control over their decisions.

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If someone is hurting you physically.

This includes physical or sexual assault, ongoing violations of dignity or privacy, or any treatment forced upon you.

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